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To develop a portal for predicting diseases with timely notification of potential threats to crops diseases and recommendations for the prevention / risk reduction. To solve the problem of late and misuse introducing of drugs.
Prior to the development of the portal all the recommendations of the preparations according to the weather conditions and the location of agricultural enterprises were sent manually by managers.
Data of the risk level provides by Fieldclimate (Pessl Instruments)

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There was developed a system of integration, implemented API information from the weather stations, depending on the selected culture and pest/threats.
Notification system has been developed with flexible settings for users: field-crop-threat-setting of the method and the time of the sms and e-mail notifications.
All forecasts and recommendations are sent by the selected method to the user and stored in the personal account.

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Business process

01. Potential user logs in the portal and after the moderation gets the access to the full functionality

02. The user enters data in the personal account: existing fields, their location (a reference to a map or enter coordinates); The user specifies the culture in these fields and selects the threat, which required notice; selects the closest weather stations; configures the easy way and the time of receipt the notification

03. In the case of threat (risk is greater than the specified level), the user is notified with the recommendations. The detailed recommendations are also stored in your account.

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